Redneck vs UFO

Is our first project
It will be compatible on all available devices
Android, iPhone, OSX, Window, Linux


On Android, it was targeted first.

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About N-Engine

N-Engine is a code name for "Naskel Engine"
N-Engine is a robust and fast 3D engine (and maybe be open source)
Targeting all available devices (Android, iPhone, Console, Desktop).

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Latest Projects

3D Engine, Tools, production pipeline, ...

N-Engine come with lots of professional and handmade tools :
- Editor
- Modeler
- Scene Manager
- But you can still use your own tool, we propose
3rd-party plugin (lightwave, 3ds-max, maya, ...)

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Redneck vs UFO

Codename vRacers is a Free Video Game based on the story :

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CoinCoin (the sound produced by a duck, in french) is a small tool to monitor
your favorite crypto currency and pool stats.

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Multi currency pool (Aeon, Monero, Dash, Bitcore, and lots more!)

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Game OS

More about this, later...

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Recent NEWS

NEngine created an opensource debugger for OpenGL ES 2.0
on windows.

"Redneck vs UFO"
lastest news :
- New particle system (Fx) with editor
- New interface (for android)
- Direction helper (the red arrow)
- Leader FX (the crown)
- New Sfx sound

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